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Frequently Asked Questions

Pottery 2 Paint is a contemporary ceramics studio. In the ceramics industry we often are referred to as a pottery painting place, however, at this time we do not physically make the pottery here. BUT stay posted for updates as we expand the studio!

We offer a walk-in ceramics studio where all pieces for purchase are in the bisque form (not green ware, and no cleaning required). You will choose a piece of bisque to paint, select your glazes, use our tools and learn new techniques as you do so. Once you’ve finished your project you will leave it to be fired and it’s ready one week later.

For a walk-in painting session we charge a $7 studio fee. This includes all the paint and supplies you use, studio time, glazing, and firing. This is a daily, per person, studio fee. Paint again when you pick up and get half off of your studio fee! You are also charged for the piece of pottery you choose to paint. Pottery prices range from $3 to $100 and lots of in between.

Special events may have other charges applied… please ask for details on a specific event.

If you know the date, time and size of your group you’re welcome to reserve space in advance. Pottery 2 Paint welcomes walk-ins on all days except during special events.

If you’re wanting to host a party we are happy to reserve our party space upon request; a deposit is required.

It usually takes a minimum of an hour to choose and create your artwork but some folks spend all day with us! When planning a trip to Pottery 2 Paint please keep in mind store hours and allow yourself enough time to finish your projects.

We will have your painted pottery fired and ready for you in 7 days after 1 pm. If you need projects done quickly we offer a rush service for $5 per piece; Rush orders will be completed in 3-4 days.

Yes we do offer shipping. We charge $10 for the first piece and $5 for each additional piece shipped. We charge $15 for oversized pieces such as platters.

We use the US Postal Service and do not offer tracking. We take care in packing your fragile items for shipping… unfortunately sometimes stuff is still broken in the process. We are not responsible for damage to your pieces in shipping.

You are welcome to bring fuel for your creativity! We highly recommended that you wash your hands before and after eating. 

Feel free to bring cake, pizza and like items when hosting a party at P2P!

Please send all donation requests via email.

If you are helping a younger child or just stopping to say hi to friends you will not be charge a studio fee.

If you are helping a child and you are doing the majority of the painting you will be charged. If multiple people are working on 1 project we will charge 1 full price studio fee and all others will be charged at half price.

Pottery 2 Paints products are totally non-toxic, lead free and they do not stain!

After glazing and firing your pottery is food/drink safe and withstands heat well. However, we encourage you to hand washing dishes to reduce the risk of damages. 

YES! We are always taking applications. We may not be hiring at the moment, but we keep applications on file and you never know when an opportunity may come up! Apply today!

Every artist is different. Some small children are like bulls in a china closet and some are more delicate in their actions and thoughts. You know your child and what they can handle. Babies can make a mean footprint keepsake and some 3 year olds can give Monet a run for his money. We welcome all ages at Pottery 2 Paint.

If you do not finish painting your pottery before you need to leave the studio we will be happy to wrap up your project and send it home with you. When you return you will be responsible for another studio fee to complete your project.

We will hold your project for 30 days. Because we lack storage space we cannot be responsible for holding it longer than that. After 30 days unclaimed pottery is donated to a charity of our choice.

We have all sorts of tools and tricks to get your creative juices flowing AND tonS of samples and idea books for inspiration!

With everything from fun to functional, choose a piece from our wide selection of affordable pre-made ceramic pieces. Plus, our staff is available with expert tips and tricks.

Fun for all ages; no experience necessary!

Unfortunately, due to the volume of pieces we are not able to call when items are done. You can stop in 1 week from the day you painted to claim your finished pieces. To claim your finished pottery you will need to know what the items are, the name on the claim ticket, and who paid for them.

No, Pottery 2 Paint, Inc. is not a franchise.